Our Services

Design & Build
If you are looking to build new, we can help you find a section to suit your requirements. Or, if you have already bought a section, or have a section in mind, design a home for that specific site.
Once your concept plans are ready, we can prepare all building consents required, supply a Fixed Price Contract and manage the project from start to finish.
All our new homes come with a Seven Year Licensed Builders’ Guarantee and a 12 month Maintenance Period.

New Builds
If you have already have plans and specification we can supply a Fixed Price Contract to complete from start to finish.

Kitchens, bathrooms, extensions or whole house renovation - call us and we can advise on plans and consents required. We can take care of the whole process from start to finish.

Property Inspections
If you are buying a property, or looking to sell, we can carry out a non invasive building report in accordance with (New Zealand Standard 4306: 2005).
We can check for any leaks using an industry standard Protimeter probe which indicates the moisture percentage within walls and give a detailed report covering everything from the ground up.

Re-Build Costs
With recent changes to home insurance, owners are now responsible for supplying a cost to rebuild value for their policy in case of total loss. Wellington, with such a diverse landscape, means online calculators are often inaccurate as there are far more variables than size and layout.
As Licensed Building Practitioners of residential homes on all types of sections in the region, we are able to calculate an accurate cost to cover a total rebuild.
Being under insured is a huge risk - call us to arrange an onsite visit and we can calculate the correct rebuild cost for your home.